Number & Switch Channels Showing "Values" in Habmin Description & PaperUI Control

I have a simple question that I never quite understood. How can a Switch or Number type & Item linkage be showing a “value” if you will in the PaperUI interface and a Thing’s description pane in Habmin? Here’s two examples:

1)My motion detector’s “motion” channel is a Switch type, and the event logs report events as ON OFF as would be expected. But, when the thing is seen in PaperUI’s Control interface, or in the Thing’s Description panel in Habmin, “values” for that channel is seen as “Alarm” and “OK”. Where are the words “Alarm” and “OK” Coming from? Can they be used in a sitemap?

  1. My thermostat has a “State” channel as a Number type (1=idle, 2=cooling etc.). As in the example above, PaperUI control and Habmin displays the actual thermostat states (e.g. idle, cooling, heating). Where are these coming from?


They are coming from the thing definition from the binding itself
It you look at the log events.log, you will see the actual value of the item
You can also put the item in a sitemap and it will display the value:

Text item=Downtairs_HVAC_Status label="Status [%s]"

Same as above

Incredibly simple, but incredibly helpful. Thank you for filling that gap in my knowledge!