Number:Temperature Formatting Problem

I am using this to format an item from a thermostat:
Number:Temperature Garage_Temperature “Garage Temperature [%.1f °C]”

It displays a °C number with many decimal places, not the one decimal place I asked for.

I have tried this:
Number Garage_Temperature “Garage Temperature [%.1f °C]”

This will display one decimal place however it doesn’t covert the value from °F to °C.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Where is this display? If it’s a Sitemap, can we see the configuration?

In HABPanel:

Also in Control in Paper UI

See Displaying Number:Temperature in HabPanel (SOLVED)

Perfect thanks!

One question though. So does the formatting in the items file not do anything? What would it be for, i.e. why format in the item definition at all?

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