NVME drive

That a noob question , And This is purely theoretical…

I you take a … let’s say 2700x cpu with 16 gb ram at 2400 mhz , as a base system for IOT ( running openhab)

and you put a relativelly fast hdd to boot ubuntu and all the program…

Or relatyvely fast ssd like the samsung pro 512 gb

or you go all in and go for the m2 NVME pro 512 GB samsung 970 pro .

Do you think the nvme will make any realworld difference on the speed reaction of all the automation rules and stuff? if yes, my or much versus the other two system( your subjective assumption)?


I am wondering because a lot of this is just updating databases ( small data ) … So maybe a fast a nvme drive would be usefull since they are really good at 4k iops etc?

Drive speed has no relevant impact on rule execution delay or speed. There’s no or just very few updating to disk in most HA setups.


To elaborate just a tad on Markus’s comment, if you had a lot of disk IO as part of your OH almost all of that IO will be taking place in a background thread and will not be slowing down your automation Rules.

This machine would be so insanely overpowered to run OH that there is probably almost nothing you could put in it that would make a perceivable difference.

At best you “might” see a few seconds or milliseconds shaved off of the OH restart times.