NX-595e and standard android app

Hi, I am new to this site. Please forgive me if I am posting my item incorrectly.
I an using board NX-595E in combination with alarm board.
For the NX-595e I have installed on my cell phone the standard android app. I changed the name ‘user’ to another name. After this change, I cannot use the app. I can no longer enter the app to set the name back as ‘user’. How can I fix this. Thanks for your reply. Mathew

Which app do you mean with “standard android app”?

Hi, thanks for the reply, great.
Android app is ‘Utrasync Smarthome’.

I guess you’re in the wrong forum. This forum is for openHAB and its apps.

would you please advise me which forum I should be at



How shall we know ?
openHAB has nothing in common with Ultrasync Smarthome, we don‘t know it at all. First thin I would do is trying to find the vendors website to look for a support forum. Next place to look is in the app store, where you downloaded it from.

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