NZ users of openHAB?

(Paul Miller) #41

Your guess was spot on. Amazon, and youpost.

I think it is really good, and currently use it as a set top box only so have the 16GB version.

If you want to use it as a plex server then I think the 500GB version is better suited with media stored on network for medium to large libraries.

I got it with a remote and a single controller as a package.

For media I use Netflix, Plex (client) and Kodi. All my medfia is either cloud based or on my linux file server/plex server.

It starts up the TV when it switches on from standby and when the TV turns off it returns to standby something most of my previous set top boxes failed to do successfully.

I actually like to box, previously I have had minux and zidoo boxes that have each lasted around 18 months before needing to be replaced to keep up with tech advances



(Sasha) #42

I’ve got the same, Plex is only a client, but must have an audio path-trough to receiver.
All the media is on synology NAS.
Can you control the shield with OH? Play/Pause and see the current status?

In terms of TV control I used to have issues with CEC because the media streamers were plugged to the receiver and not to the TV. But I’ve got a xiaomi power socket and it just kills the power for all my tv/media devices (energy savings :wink: )

(Tommy Sharp) #43

There main issue I have with my shield is that the slim remote doesn’t even last day before it is flat… Game controller works fine as a remote and lasts months…

(Paul Miller) #44

Remote last a few months in terms of battery life.

Let’s not forget that Nvidia Shield is an android device so controlling android devices remotely, is limited to Adb over a USB or network, IR, or Bluetooth.

As the shield is a full functioning chromecast that side of it can be controlled from OH2 using the chromecast binding.

I am fairly certain that it can be used to connect to apple devices but not sure OH2 has anything to offer in this space.

Use the Plex binding, and the Alexa skill. I do have an issue currently with the status not updating.

There is no remote way to control netflix from OH2 or Alexa official skils that I am aware of.

similar deal to Netflix in terms of Alexa official support but OH2 has a binding that works pretty well.

Netflix remote control is the real pain one, as its used the most in our house and currently my scripts simply start the app, and select the correct account for family use. then the user is left at the home screen and needs to control with the IR remote, I don’t think even the voice control on shield works with netflix either but I could be wrong.



(Jeremy Scott) #45

I had the same problem - some kind of conflict with one of the other smart devices that I had. I received the new hardware and its all go.

(Tommy Sharp) #46

@Jeremy_Scott did you have issues with your remote too?

(Jeremy Scott) #47

sorry, my reply was to the sensibo post: sensibo kept dropping off the network - the new hardware they sent works well.

(Tommy Sharp) #48

With summer getting well under way is anyone keen to catch-up and talk OH?
I’m Auckland based, not sure who else is close by…

(Sasha) #49

I’m always happy! I’m in East Auckland, but very flexible :wink:

(Kai Kreuzer) #50

If you’re setting up a local event, make sure to mention it at as well!