Odd behaviour when I've rebuilt the OH2 Server with a Zwave Yale Lock

Hi All,

Ive just setup OH2 on a new machine and moved everything across. Moving the Zwave as nice and easy.

Everything is working fine but the Yale lock. It came up straight away, as a known device and the channels are visible. All the channel to item links are created and are unchanged (except for updating the Thing ID for the Zwave stick on the new machine)

Despite using the lock physically, the channels all remain NULL.

I thought using the code to lock or unlock, wakes the unit up and I’d expect the channels to populate but they are not.

Any suggestions? All other ZWave devices work just fine. It’s not a binding issue clearly as its the same binding from the old server.


Seems its a security issue.

@chris I have moved to a new OH2 server. Same Zstick, no new pairing just new linux machine.

Is there a way to , without excluding, get the lock to work (Yale YRD220) with a new security key?

I can see the old Node key is different to the Controller key. I updated the Controller with the old key, and it seems a number of nodes have gone offline.


No - you can’t change the key. You can use the old key if you know it, but if you want to change key, you will need to exclude the device and add it back.

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