Odd error in a rule

Hi All,

This rule was written some time ago and works perfectly fine however the console displays and error on reload I’m hoping to remove.

The error is:

14:25:44.590 [INFO ] [del.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Validation issues found in configuration model 'doorbird.rules', using it anyway:
Function3 is a raw type. References to generic type Function3<P1, P2, P3, Result> should be parameterized

The content it relates to is here, WAYYY over my head . Any thoughts as to why this occurs and how I could resolve ? Thankyou

val String DOORBIRD_EVENT_MOTIONSENSOR = 'motionsensor'
val String DOORBIRD_EVENT_DOORBELL = 'doorbell'
val String DOORBIRD_EVENT_DOOROPEN = 'dooropen'
val String OPEHNAB_DIR = '/etc/openhab2/'

val Functions$Function3 handleDoorBirdRegistration = [
        String itemName,
        boolean on,
        String event |
                var String url = 'http://XXXXX:XXXXX@'

                url = url + 'subscribe='
                if (on) {
                        url = url + '1'
                } else {
                        url = url + '0'

                url = url + '&event=' + event

                url = url + '&url='
                url = url + '%3F' + itemName + '%3D'
                if (on) {
                        url = url + 'ON'
                } else {
                        url = url + 'OFF'


This is not an error, it’s [INFO] only, these will appear on OH restart from time to time depending on the order OH is loading up. When you edit the rules file after OH is running these will not appear anymore.

Fair enough, validation issues though? Ill ignore it then :slight_smile: