Odd error rules.map?

Hi All

Ive searched my rules/items and cant find a rules.map, or how it’s being referenced? is this some kind of internal openhab2 thing?

Version 2.4.0 Stable

08:58:47.047 [WARN ] [.rest.core.item.EnrichedItemDTOMapper] - Failed transforming the state 'OFF' on item 'Proxy_Shutters_1HrBeforeSunrise' with pattern 'MAP(rules.map):%s': An error occurred while opening file.

Kinda weird!

Any thoughts as to where i can find rules.map if its not in the transform folder or defined anywhere?


Can you post your items definition for that item?


/* Proxy Item for Closing shutters 1Hr Before Sunrise in Summer */
Switch Proxy_Shutters_1HrBeforeSunrise

/* Proxy Item for Opening shutters at 11am in Summer */
Switch Proxy_Shutters_11amInSummer

Now your sitemap line for that Item, if there is one?

There is no site map

Hmm. Full disclosure, I’m a non-believer there.
What do you use for UI ?

For confidence, may we see the JSON output of the REST API for the Item
Proxy_Shutters_1HrBeforeSunrise please?

I use HabPanel

Sure, response body from REST is:

  "link": "",
  "state": "OFF",
  "stateDescription": {
    "pattern": "",
    "readOnly": false,
    "options": []
  "editable": false,
  "type": "Switch",
  "name": "Proxy_Shutters_1HrBeforeSunrise",
  "tags": [],
  "groupNames": []

There’s two places a state display transform may appear, neither are present.

Do you use (have you previously used) myOpenhab ?
Not much of a suspect though because …
I do not think it possible for any of the UIs to request a designated state mapping, including HABpanel.

If that is true, it may be a format contained in one of your rules. Search your rules for text format or for the Item name.

No, i’ve never used myopenhab

The only rule that references this item is:

rule "Lower shutters in Summer months 1hr prior to Sunrise"
        Channel 'astro:sun:timed:rise#event' triggered START
    val month = now.getMonthOfYear
    if((month < 5 || month >10) && (Proxy_Shutters_1HrBeforeSunrise.state == ON)) {
    logInfo("Shutters","Closing Shutters as its Summer")

Perhaps there’s something weird in the cache.
Did you already shutown openhab, clear the cache and start it again?

It certainly feels that way.
If some formatting were “left over” from earlier definitions of this Item, one way to flush it out would be for @dastrix80 to give this Item a label. It costs nothing, even if you never expect to use it usefully.

Switch Proxy_Shutters_1HrBeforeSunrise "my dummy item"

EDIT I suppose a more positive way to force a null format/transform would be

Switch Proxy_Shutters_1HrBeforeSunrise "my dummy item []"

I’ve no idea how a “ghost” could linger but not be visible in the REST data.

Thanks Gents, ill try rossko’s suggestion and see how it goes!