Off line installation and use

No worries. That explains the confusion. I’m guessing you accidentally found yourself in the developer section of the docs.

Good luck getting started!

You would do well to review the docs some to make sure you have a firm understanding of the concepts. Anyway you don’t have to spell them out in files, they can be created through the UIs, and more importantly, depending on the binding, new devices can be automatically discovered and Things created for you.

Again, not necessarily a separate file. And the programming language can be one of Rules DSL, JavaScript, Python, or Groovy. And most rules are a quite bit more complicated than a series of if/else statements.

The “logic file” called “Rules” is written in one of Rules DSL, JavaScript, Python, Groovy or (especially in OH 3) one of those languages but built and structured through the MainUI). If you are using text rules files in any of these languages, as has been mentioned repeatedly in this thread, VSCode with the openHAB extension would be your IDE. Though the extension doesn’t really support Python, JavaScript or Groovy rules at this time.

In OH 2.5 there are two types of UIs. Administration UIs (e.g. PaperUI) which can be used to create Things, Items, and Rules (if the NGRE is installed). The second type are the user facing UIs you describe (e.g. BasicUI, HABPanel, etc). For BasicUI and the phone apps, one defines the UI using .sitemap files (the syntax for which is supported by the VSCode extension). HABPanel is built through the browser. In OH 3 there is a “MainUI” which does both, but it uses RBAC to only present the administration stuff to admin users. Pretty much everything except persistence strategies can be done through MainUI. This includes Items, Things, Rules, the Item Model, etc.

For developers who are building openHAB addons or parts of openHAB core. If VSCode doesn’t work for you and the web UIs (PaperUI, MainUI) don’t work for you, you are SOL. You’ll be editing text files with whatever with no syntax support. There is no, I repeat, no support for openHAB configs in Eclipse and has been in something like five years or so. It was used for OH 1.x configuration but was never really updated to work with OH 2 and was completely dropped sometime around the release of OH 2.1 I think if my memory serves.

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