Offering zigbee sticks


unfortunately in this forum I’m not allowed to send PM’s yet.

This is why I have to open a thread in the offtopic section to get this to the mods. @rlkoshak

Last week I posted a thread about me offering flashed and modded zigbee2mqtt sticks.

Unfortunately this thread was deleted and I got banned for a week.

I’d like to know why I got banned. Is it not allowed in this forum to offer things? It is allowed in the zigbee2mqtt and home assistant forum and I have plenty of positive feedback.

This should not be an aggresive ad, like “Hey buy my stuff!”. I just want to let openhab users also know that I offer these. For some users this makes it much easier to get started.

I totally understand if offerings/ads are not allowed here. In this case I can and will not reopen this thread. But I did not find a forum rule that mentions that.

Don’t you think that some openhab users would like to know about that sticks?

Do you allow me to reopen the thread or could you reopen it?


This is the deleted link:

Personally I do not see such a problem with this sort of mail, and we have had people “advertising stuff” in a similar way in the past so I’m not sure that there should be any problem or why it was deleted.

Maybe because I’m a new user. I opened the account and posted this thread. Maybe because of this someone saw it as spam.

I assume you were not trying to sell them directly here. I could see that being a problem.

I see. I attached a link to the zigbee2mqtt forum. The reason for this is, I have some positive feedback there.

I thought this was necessary because as a new user in this forum it’s hard to be trusted. And the posts in that link should show people that there are already some users who are happy with there device.

Someone flagged it as spam so I removed it.
And since you posted for the sole purpose of selling, this in fact is spam, no matter if it’s useful to readers or not. But as @chris doesn’t mind I’ll restore it.

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Ok, thank you. If it has to be removed in future I can understand. Probably it will be marked as spam and removed again.

@chris am I allowed to edit my first post on the offering thread and tell that you are fine with this?

I think that you really should also make your own mind up if it’s spam and not just rely on someone else. Certainly if I remove any spam I always check for myself :wink:

I should add that I’m not the only one making rules here, so other maintainers/moderators may also disagree. My point though is there are many other instances of this sort of thing that we have allowed, and personally I think so long as it’s not a hard sell, it helps users understand what options are out there which is a good thing (IMHO).

I’m not sure to be honest - if you can edit it (which I assume you can), then feel free :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t the moderator who took the action. I’d have to see the nature of the original post but I agree with Chris, so long as things don’t get out of hand I see no problem with the kind of post described.


I try to be a tolerant as possible to posts. If someone bothered to actually write out a post and provided context, and it’s relevant to openHAB or home automation I tend to let it go. On at least one occasion I did send a PM to a user who was posting about their third party open source project on a bunch of topics without explaining how it solves that problem in that thread and that problem stopped.

I’m not sure we have hard and fast rules. But I’ll throw my vote in with yours. I think the post is pretty benign. And it is in the appropriate category.


Of course I did, too. And yes to me it was and still is spam, albeit indeed useful so it`s debateable.
Now I changed my mind when reading this thread…

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Thank you guys and @mstormi I do understand your decision last week. Thanks for changing your mind.