Official Alexa Smart Home Skill for openHAB 2

Same here…there seems to be a big delay today. I think the reason is that is quite slow right now compared to other days. Commands are working but with a delay of about 30s.

I am struggling with decreasing WAF in main due toa never ending occurrence of myopenhab issues, nothing seems to affect the home more than the reliability of this external system.

Unfortunately, we hear no announcements on what is behind the continuing frequent poor service from the system. Very frustrating.

I noticed a twenty minute drop off-line in the last 12 hours which I suspect was maintenance, code updates? but really guessing as there is no status dashboard to check on whats been going on.



I gave up with myopenhab and use hue emulation. I’d rather loose some functionality than have unreliability.
With regards to WAF, any unreliability issues are her main concern.

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Can’t the skill programmed to find and communicate with the local OH instance? In other words, cant the skill make use of the zeroconf mDNS service which is implemented as a part of openhab anyways?

As mentioned above, the “Hue (bridge/emulation) <-> Alexa” connection is locally as well, but this is due to amazons way of implementing it in the echo os.


same here. I gave up on a cloud based solution and use the Hue Emulation. The WAF is definitively determining how much I am allowed to invest in this stuff :smiley:

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Same issue here with myopenhab and the alexa skill. I noticed that i cant get to my OH Dashboard via browser as well while the echo gets a not responding.

I spent yesterday installing a local openhab-cloud instance with the help of @ryandetzel tutorial! Link
Running it that way will make me loose the option to use the official alexa skill, it would be so nice to have the skill also use local openhab-cloud instances :frowning:

Anybody out there who got a custom skill running to a private installation of openhab-cloud ? Link

Yep, I have it running and it’s so much nicer then running through openHAB cloud. I just followed the instructions, the only issue I faced was not discovering items because one of my items did not have a description.

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Nice to hear that! Did i get it right that you are not using an openhab-cloud instance to connect the AWS Function to? If yes, how does authentication to your OH2 installation work? If no, are you using Oauth2 to authenticate to your openhab-cloud server or did you configure static username and password? And can you tell me how big the issue is that its not possible to create a skill that uses message payload version 2?

I am not using the cloud connector. My box has two interfaces, I bind openHAB to localhost and the private lab interface and run nginx on the public interface with valid ssl certs. Nginx is configured to proxy and ask for a configured username / password.

As far as version, I don’t know I just used github source and followed the instructions.

BTW ha-bridge now supports openhab:

(RC Version)

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I am open to every new option… Will try and give this a shot when time allows :slight_smile:

That is for payload v2 of the API which has been depreciated. The v3 API seems to indicate that the state of a device can be requested. Of course, the OH Skill will have to be updated to take advantage of the new API.

Thanks Tom,
You have given me something to consider, perhaps I need to move away from
myopenhab too.

Is there some particular posts/articles you would recommend to consider hue
emulation as an option?



@Toddah Did you figure this out? I’m about 2 days into OpenHab, but I didn’t see that your question was answered, and since I just struggled through the same thing, thought I’d post this.

I have my garage door working (Alexa discovered it) with the following (I had to add the [“Switchable”] tag in order for it to be discovered):

Switch GarageDoorSwitch "Garage Door" <garagedoor> ["Switchable"] {myq="0"}

Can you try:

Switch DiningRMLight "Dining Room Light" ["Switchable"]
Switch LivingRMLight "Living Room Light" ["Switchable"]

Sometimes it is “offline” or extremly delayed which is not shown on
Most of the time I check manually if I can reach my dashboard over myopenhab.

It is good that there is a status dashboard.
It would be useful if it was mentioned on the myopenhab login screen or even in the accounts once you logged in.

The fact is even if I ignore that there may be occasions that we experience poor response and it is not logged as an issue to the dashboard (as indicated by Rickecho), according to the dashboard it shows the extent of the unreliability with most days having an issue.

I think OpenHAB is awesome.
there are still areas for improvement and then there are some areas that need a shake up, it used to be documentation, now in my opinion it is myopenhab it really cannot be used as a reliable way to reach the local server instances.

I am unable to use myopenhab while it is so flaky, if we had a dashboard with some historic information not just a week or so then I could look at returning once improvements are made as it is currently I will never know if its improved.



for me, as i have to deal with server availability on a daily base, the main question is what are the actual root causes that myopenhab is not available/working stable. is it that the server is just not capable of handling the load, software related issues, maintenance …

maybe if we would know the root cause, people from the community could help as well, just my thoughts.
as already written by @idkpmiller openHAB is an awesome platform and if we can even make myopenhab more reliable, great.


I totally agree with that but we have to keep in mind that openhab is freeware and the idea of the cloud service was more kind of a demo/reference in the first place. And yes, I also think to spread openhab and make it morre successfull it would be usefull if the cloud service would work.

The problem was discussed here and a few posts above. In the linked thread Kai even mentioned:

So yes, I know, I am complaining as well but this wont help. We need people coding and improving. The problem is not new.

I just used the explanation on github here

It’s pretty straightforward and the tagging is similar to the Alexa skill so you should be able to swap later if things improve.
You can’t do temperature with the Hue emulation binding though but that’s never been a problem for me as I believe actual temperature and hence temperature control is something the home automation system needs to know for feedback and not me personally.