Official Docker Image Stuck on Build #585

It has been at least a week or so. I’ve been running

docker pull openhab/openhab:amd64-offline

every few days and it is seeing there is a new Image to download but whenever I run the new image (after deleting userdata/cache and userdata/tmp) it still shows #585.

Is there something broken with the Docker image builds? Previously I was receiving updates much more frequently when I do a docker pull.


Might this be due to

I’m on 617 (latest pull last weekend), although every time I delete the whole data directory as all my config is in the text files.

I’m using offline this time as I was getting errors and missing bindings with online. Not too sure why, but restarting the container seams to get it to start properly and install missing files, sometimes bindings, sometimes UIs.

That could be it. It makes a whole lot of sense given the behavior I’m seeing.

I suppose I shouldn’t have trusted the branding. I did a bundle:list and indeed the version numbers show Nov. 27 for all the core bundles.

Is there a way to determine the build number in some other way or do I have to rely on the bundle versions for now when posting about problems and helping others?