Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

@Eikido Looks like you are the perfect candidate to test out my “Tag Control”.
Feel free to give me feedback on this

Hi Matteo, I’m trying to connect google assistant with openhab2 without success.
OpenHab application works properly on my Iphone, I added the following tag for single item I’m trying to connect:
Dimmer LivingRoom_Light “Tavolo [%d %%]” (LivingRoom) [ “lighting“ ] {channel="zwave…}

Unfortunately in google assistant after the add device process the openhab service is not listed and the “Tavolo” device is not reported in the list.

Could you help me on that?
Thank you

Watcht he case in your tag, @Giuseppe_Capodanno - it should be:

Dimmer	LivingRoom_Light	"Tavolo [%d %%]"	(LivingRoom)	[ "Lighting" ]	{channel="zwave…}

Copy that exactly and paste it into your items file (watch the “” quotes, because they’re different in the line you posted.

Hi. It also happened to me, i had to update google home to the last version [29 march] and it was solved.
But i’m on android.
This is a sample of a working items:
Switch LUCE_INGRESSO “Luce Ingresso” (Living, Lights) [ “Lighting” ] {bticino=“if=webserver;who=1;what=0;where=11”}

Thank you so much Bartus!
That worked! wrong double quotes where due to remote access to the file on windows system through teamviewer on an iphone…

Excellent! You definitely have to be careful with what tags you use (for now, you can only use Lighting or Switchable).

Also, after you’re done adding/modifying/tagging your items, just say “Hey Google, sync my devices” and that will make Google bring over any changes you make, you do NOT have to unlink/relink anymore.

After you’re done connecting everything, check out my post on scenes/routines, to make Google change all your lights with just one command :wink: 3 different methods to use scenes with Google Home & openHAB

Will do! thank you again!

Also experienced the “Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection” bug on initially connecting. For me, I ended up adding labels and groups to each .items entries, which I hadn’t populated before, and that allowed the initial connection from Google Assistant to OpenHAB to work (I suspect it was the labels, but I didn’t check each independently). Just posting in case someone else is troubleshooting.


unfortunately still no update - I found that some have mentioned invalid tags. Should REST API Tagging work with the google assistant integration or only “items” file?

Can somebody maybe post a working item (ideally rollershutter “Lighting” ;)) that I can verify, what’s going wrong for me?


i got no example from my config, but REST API works well for google integration. You don’t have to set the tags in files

Thanks for the info…
is there any way to log what google is doing? Because everytime I want to start an action like “switch on kitchen blinds” google tells me to name the item.

All items are correctly shown in the google home app…

You can click on the menu bar in your Google Home app, and select “My Activity” - that will have a list of all commands you gave to google, and how it interpreted them.

I know I had issues with things sounds too similar to native GHome keywords. For example, when I said “Hey Google, turn on Wake Up” (one of my scenes), it kept recognizing that as me trying to set an alarm. I ended up changing the scene/item’s name to “Morning”.


unfortunately google understood exactly what it was supposed to “switch on kitchen blinds”, but still responded “I have to know which device should be used. Please repeat the command naming the device”

[I had to translate to english so the actual english log will probably look differently]

Are the blinds a Dimmer item? You might have to try saying something like:

“Set Kitchen Blinds to 50%” – it’ll probably respond “Setting Kitchen Blinds volume to 50%”, but it’ll work :wink:

They are all set as “Lighting” - works like a charm with Alexa and openHab App…but google is weird :wink:

I am running my own self-hosted OpenHAB Cloud instance. Is there any way to get the OpenHAB Google Home action working with my own OpenHAB Cloud instance instead of

Only if you negotiate with Google to add your server as a trusted service and set up OAuth2 authentication between the two. So for all practical purposes the answer is “no”.

You have to follow this guide:
Works perfect for me!

@rlkoshak and @rockster

Oooff. That’s a bit much for me at the moment. Thanks for the replies!

Oh yes, I forgot that you can set up the Oauth yourself. I’m actually doing stuff like that with my AIY Voice project. Thanks for reminding me. :slight_smile: