Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

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(Kim Andersen) #406

I´m not really sure how to explain this, but it´s working again this morning.

Last night:
I´d split up my item file into several files.
I made 100% sure I only got one tag and it was 100% perfect.
I cleared cache and tmp.
I cleared all items using karaf console.
I rebooted several times.
I did NOT managed to get Google Home to connect even after several tries.

I then had an idea of installing the Homekit addon insted, since it uses the same tagging, (I have an iphone as well as android phone).
Homekit worked in first go, found openhab, connected and found this single items which had the [“Lighting”] tag. And it worked like a charm.

Then I added a tagging to a different item. But I couldn´t get Homekit to update. (I honestly don´t know how to, as I just use my iPhone for work, and nothing else. So I might have missed some options or something).
All of a sudden Homekit wouldn´t work any more. I tried remove it and add it again several times, but it just wouldn´t work.
I gave up.
Made a last reboot, and got off to bed.

When I got up this morning I thought I would give Google Home just a last try. And all of a sudden, Google Home connected and found two items without any problems.
And trust me, I have not changed anything while a sleep.

To be honeste, I think there is a need for this to be looked at in some way. This seems like it´s a kinda lottery with a random success, but mostly fails. And it´s way to difficult to dig into in case it´s not working.

(Jack Sand) #407

Sorry i also get this cant update/connect

I use tagging on my Amazon echoes and then this should also be supported ?

(Pumbadinho) #408


I like it very much.
But if I add openhab in Google home app, after allowing oauth just nothing happens.
Maybe this is because I tagged nothing as light or plug. This is the second issue, how do I tag them, if I added them over the webinterface and not config file?

Thx in advance.

(Skinah) #409

Yes that will be your problem, you need at least 1 item with a tag before it will link or sync. You can use the REST api to apply the tags to items created in paperUI. Install the ADDONS>MISC> rest documentation, then it shows up as a new UI to choose.

Personally I would start using item files, as having everything in files is much faster at removing and adding things when you need to narrow down an issue.

Some of the tags that work with echo will break google. You may need to disable some to get them working in google and then reenable them for echo. See my link a few posts above where I list the known issues and it also has the tags which work in which app.

(Some Engineer) #410

Google assistant has recently worked with the Russian language. But the openhab action is not available for the
RU region. How about adding this region?

(Pumbadinho) #411

I added some more Things to openhab with the tags mentioned.
How does my Google Assistant recognize? Last time i removed Openhab from Assistant and added it again. But cannot be the solution…

(B K) #412

Say: OK Google, sync my devices!

(Winton Cape) #413

I am new to openhab and have it configured with ubuntu. When I try to cloud configure, in the expose items field, I get only the channel name of the things to be exposed… not the thing like Kitchen light or Living room light.

As a result when I try to connect google home using iphone, I get no devices present. Anybody experienced this problem and solution suggestions…

(David) #414

I’m facing a problem while trying to add the action to Google Assistant app.
my openhab is OK a I’m using it with Alexa.
when I select the action in G A preferences, it successfully redirect me to the oauth page. I can log then allow the access but I can just see an error message in G A (in French), talking about a parameter that can’t be set.
The action is not added and thus, can’t be used to discover any devices.
I’ve tried several times, but always the same problem.
my phone is running Android 8.1and is up to date.

Any clue?

(Winton Cape) #415

Hi dmartinpro,

I got my issue resolved the main issue was that I needed to set the correct tag (Lighting) to each of the items that I needed to turn on or off.

As I understand it, if these item tags are not set then when your app(google) log into the site it won’t find any items.

So you need to edit the items file and add a new tag; the lighting tag. I tried many ways to accomplish this - REST API, openhab console, json items file edit. I settled on the last…editing the json items file.

This is very dangerous, if you don’t know what you are doing. You have to stop the openhab service. Then add the tags to the json items file. Next restart openhab and use your phone to log into the cloud. It ( the google app) will find all the tagged ‘Lighting’ items and pull them into google home app.

Once you see your items in the google home app, then you can use the voice commands.

(Michael Sutter) #416

Hello guys

I’ve installed and configured google assistant a long time ago.
Now I wanted to edit some aliases, after syncing my new devices and I dont find the “service” smarthome or openhab anymore. (voice command for syncing works fine).

Is this a known issue?

Thanks, Michael

(Stuart Hanlon) #417


I found that using the Karaf console was the easiest way to add / remove tags.

As mentioned in this post (No66) in this very topic

smarthome:items addTag MickTest Lighting

Or for a purely switched item, it might be

smarthome:items addTag MickTest Switchable

(Roberto2) #418

Does new commit include humidity (thermostatHumidityAmbient tag)?

(Rolf Vermeer) #419

I have personally noticed that some things cannot be found (anymore?) in the documented locations. I am able to manage everything by opening the Google app (so not Home or Assistant), then go to the menu (three bars), go to settings, again settings under Google Assistant and then Home Control under Services.

(aart) #420

I am doing some bugfixes in my fork of openhab-google-assistant.
I was wondering if the official openhab assistant integration implements the “report state” to the home graph api service? Report state documentation
Maybe MyOpenHab does this?
In the response of action.devices.SYNC the willReportState is always true. When openHab is not reporting any state to the home graph api this property needs to be false.

(aart) #421

I’ve added support for scenes due to the [ “Scene” ] tag in my GitHub repository.
Also done some bug fixing for the thermostat.
@MARZIMA Can you merge en deploy my pull request?

(Mehmet Arziman) #422

Hi @aart thank you very much!
I will look into it at these days…I was quite busy, sorry.
Currently we dont implement report state.

BR Mehmet

(aart) #423

Oke, I changed the willReportState to false in my repository.

(Dave van der Wende) #424

Thanks for the great work!

I have a bunch of Z-Wave and Wifi devices working great with OpenHAB and the Google Assistant.

(Kiran Patil) #425

When I say " Hey google, Turn ON bedroom light " the google assistant will reply " Sure turning ON the bedroom light ".

But when the bedroom light is already turned ON and again if I say “Hey google turn ON bedroom light”. The google assistant is replying “Sure turning ON bedroom light”. But how to make the google assistant reply " The bedroom light is already turned ON ".