Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

Hi @aart thank you very much!
I will look into it at these days…I was quite busy, sorry.
Currently we dont implement report state.

BR Mehmet

Oke, I changed the willReportState to false in my repository.

Thanks for the great work!

I have a bunch of Z-Wave and Wifi devices working great with OpenHAB and the Google Assistant.

When I say " Hey google, Turn ON bedroom light " the google assistant will reply " Sure turning ON the bedroom light ".

But when the bedroom light is already turned ON and again if I say “Hey google turn ON bedroom light”. The google assistant is replying “Sure turning ON bedroom light”. But how to make the google assistant reply " The bedroom light is already turned ON ".

The only way I know of, is to ask “Is the bedroom light on?”, which results in a reply “The bedroom light is on.”
To clarify: this is the behaviour of the Google assistent and it does not have anything to do with the integration with Openhab, if my understanding is correct.

In my Google Assistant, I can not see Home Control. Why?

unfortunately, the tab Home control appears only in the English language assistant. when reset to Russian it disappears.

Try opdate you APP from APKmirror. I run a danish langauge, and do have the Home controle. I do however update from APKmirror, because Google hasn´t realease Google Home for the danish market yet.

I’m using a fibaro dimmer2 and I’ve configuered the following two items:

Switch  F1_Dimmer_Switch  "Luce in taverna" <light> (gC) ["Lighting"]  {channel="zwave:device:158ddb77754:node10:switch_dimmer1"}
Dimmer  F1_Dimmer         "Luminosità luce taverna [%d %%]" <light> (gC) ["Lighting"]  {channel="zwave:device:158ddb77754:node10:switch_dimmer1"}

The problem is that if I put the two items on the same room named “taverna” and I Say “Turn on Taverna Light” the assistant found two switchable item on the room and dont’ work. If I remove the dimmer from the room instead I can switch on and off the light.
How can I control a switch and a dimmer on the same room ?


I think you only need the “Dimmer” item - you can remove the “switch” item.
It should still allow you to say “Turn on …” and control that device.

Hi there guys, i’m having problem with google assistant, today my devices wasn’t online, i have removed the service from Home App and while adding i receive an error msg o.O
Myopenhab cloud is working fine…
I have no clue

I’m having the exact same issue!

Everything was working fine, until on today’s google logs I got the following message:

Sorry I cound’t reach openHAB

Anyone else having similar issues

Runing openhabian 2.3 up to date and working until this morning

I have since unlinked and attempted to relink the account but am running into the following message from the google home app:

Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection

I’m seconds away from grabbing my backup image and tossing it online to see if that’s the fix, but since kvgeta is having a similar issue, is it service based?

I have the same problem since today.

And I can’t sign in to OH cloud.

“Unknown user or incorrect password”

" Sorry I cound’t reach openHAB"

When relink in Google Home app…

" Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection"

Exactly same problem since today!!!

Who should we be tagging to take a peek into what’s going on with the service?

@MARZIMA would be the guy I think. It does seem to be down.

Thanks Sam

Checking it now. and the Google Assistant connection is working. Can you try it again, directly after it cant connect?

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Have the same problem… I removed the connection and re-added it, only to be told it no longer works… Thanks google! :frowning:

I just tried re-add the connection. I get an error, “cant etablish connection, check your connection”, in Google Home app.