Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

I ve some time these days (or force to have it).
Can you please provide the other PRs like the scene stuff etc., so I can test merge and deploy all things at once?
Would be awesome. Plannkng to do the release on Monday Night or Tuesday.

Thanks & BR



Is it also possible to add support for color items?
Until now only the brightness of the color item is changeable, but it would be very nice to be able to change the color too.

  • Jordo
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Thanks for the merge for the thermostat additions.
I’ve created 2 new pull request: one for the Scene and one for the Outlet.
It would be very cool when you deploy this!

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Hi Jordo,
The color is already supported!
Just expose a Color item to google assistant with the Lighting tag.
You can change the color by saying: Hey Google, turn my lights to >color<

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Hi Aart,

Thanks for you fast reply!
The only answer I get from the Google assistant when I ask for the lights in the room to turn blue, is advertisements for blue lamps…

Am I doing something wrong?

I used the wrong command
The input is really specific, otherwise Google thinks you want to search it on internet.

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At the moment i am failing to add my thermostats to the assistant (see here).
As soon as i add the “Thermostat” tag google cannot sync my devices anymore. Is it possible to access a log somewhere that might show the error?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Could I get an appreciation of the time required for voice commands to action devices connected using Google Assistant/openHAB?

Some background - I’m currently using a commercial service that 's hosted on a Raspberry Pi. It provides the intermediary between Google Assistant and my home automation system. I’m looking for an alternative with improved latency than my current setup.

For timing - when you say “Hey Google - turn on the xyz”, I’m counting seconds from when the Google Home/Mini lights start flashing/sequencing until the device actuates.

Your rough location in the world would also be appreciated (I’m in Australia). I believe the latency will also be affected by the relative distance to openHAB cloud servers and Google servers? Does anyone know where openHAB servers are?

Im in Syd Australia and typically its only ~2-3secs before the light/switch is actioned by Google home.
The big delay is waiting for GH to say " OK , Turning off blah"… i believe this is the time taken for google servers to create the audio file to send to you GH device to play…

The commercial service you speak of…is it “Home Automation Bridge”?

No, it’s called Voxior. It’s based in Slovenia - I’m using a home automation system by Loxone.

If I understand correctly, a Google Assistant message would bounce -

Perth, Australia => Slovenia => Google server => Solevia => Perth. There might be some other jumps there???

Does anyone know how a message is travelled for an openHAB command?

Ha… I just checked out ‘Home Automation Bridge’. Let me guess, they’ve packaged openHAB on a Pi in a nice screen-printed box and charge $200 for the privilege?

No i think it was based off HomeBridge , which they extended/wrote custom software for.

Everything works but google replies “Unable to reach … at the moment, try again later”.

I’ve set up a Tasmota plug to control table lights.
in items:

Switch sonofftable "Table" <light> (LR,gLight) [ "Switchable" ] { mqtt=">[broker:avkhome/devices/cmnd/sonoff1/POWER:command:*:default], <[broker:avkhome/devices/stat/sonoff1/POWER:state:default]" }

then I’ve connected to, verified everything works fine, linked OpenHAB to my google assistant account.
I can see and control the device from Google (“turn on table”, “turn off table”, “is table on?” work fine).
But when I use google assistant routines (action “Adjust ligths, switches”) and select Table on or off I get “Unable to reach Table at the moment, please try again later”. The action is still performed (Table turns on or off successfully, just the google error message is spoken).

I’ve tried “Ligthning” tag before “Switchable”, got the same behaviour.

Would be grateful for any ideas on how to fix that.

The bug you found in the routines is already reported on the GitHub page.
You can find there also a workaround for this issue.

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Thank you, was not able to find it with the search.
However the workaround (a custom routine like “turn off all lights”) since it causes an extra reply (“turning off N lights”). I’d really prefer not to get unnecessary phrases but I guess I’ll have to live with that until the bug is fixed.

@MARZIMA Is there any development of an google assistant app on brazilian portuguese for myopenhab? The current app only works in english.


for the scenes PR, we have merge conflicts. Just FYI.
You need to make sure that your Changes are based on each other. So the outlet PR conflicted with the Scenes PR.

I think this is highly depending on the supported languages by google.
So not so driven by us…

Is it possible to activate / trigger a google routine via an openhab rule?

It is not possible to control the Google Assistant from OpenHab.
For now, the Google Assistant is only allowing one-way bindings: Google Assistant -> OpenHab.
It is also not possible to control other devices connected to the Google Assistant from OpenHab.
Maybe in the future, Google is allowing third-parties to control the Google Assistant / Home Graph
(OpenHab -> Google Assitant), that would be verry cool!.

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So it is not possible to send speech text to Google home device?? (I think Alexa can do this).
Hopefully it will be very soon, as I believe this could be a very powerfull feature.