Official Openhab skill for Alexa amazon echo available!

Hello guys,

just noted that in Germany the openhab skill for amazon echo is available. I am pretty sure it’s also available in other countries.

On the openhab website it’s still on “release soon”.

So what are the benefits with the skill? Is the hue emulation service still necessary?


openHAB skill:
“Alexa start openHAB and switch light on”

hue emulation service
"Alexa, switch light on"

That is what other skills require. But your screenshot tells something else.

No, not necessary.

works the same way with the Alexa skill …

OK. It’s a cloud service. Then it’ most likely not for me. How about response times? I would guess that they are at least a little better with the hue emulation. It’s really great that you don’t have to say “…start openHAB” like many other skills require it.

I agree, that’s the only downside.

Could not find any difference compared to the hue emulation, but am only working with it since a couple of hours …

hmmm, okay, but what is the advantage towards the hue emulation service?

for me it would an advantage when i dont need to say switch … on/off to everything anymore. but can say
"alexa, pause movie" or “alexa, skip forward” and instead of “alexa, turn on/off pausemode” or “alexa, turn on/off skipmode”

is this possible now?

Awesome news!
If you are interested in rollershutter/blinds support for Alexa Smart Home please vote on this feature requests in the Amazon Developer Forums: