Official rule repo

I want to ask do we have an official rule repo? How many repos are in there? Can anyone share me a link?

For Rules DSL there is no repo because except by doing copy/paste/edit there really is no effective way to share Rules DSL Rules. So what you will find is hundreds of Rules posted in the Tutorials and Solutions category. That’s about as close to a repo for Rules DSL Rules you will find.

For Jython, JavaScript and Groovy, for now, there is the which has a community section for community contributed rules. I think most if not all of the contributions are in Jython at this point.

There has been talk that at some point there will be something like the IoT Marketplace where Rule Templates could be shared but I’ve no idea of when/if that will be implemented.

Thanks! Hope thay day will be coming soon.

I’m starting to write my rules in a generic way that can be dropped in and used by others easily. However, they are in separate different files because I split some routines into their own files, located in the lib folder. It would be great to have a way to package these rules and their associated libs as a jar file perhaps so they can be installed, listed, removed, updated easily as a single cohesive thing rather than dealing with manual copying of multiple files in multiple directories.

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