Offline socket pulsing all commands when back online

Noticed a strange thing with my smart socket today maby something that’s quite concerning could be a fire risk

I hear relays can cause a fire when they are pulsed rapidly

And my relay was definitely pulsing it was that fast it was like a old ringing phone from the metal clicking that fast back and forth with loud relay clicks no fire but concerning

What happened is the socket was turned off for awhile when i turned it back on later in the day it was like it needed too go through all the actuations it would have gone through because of automations

Anyone know why this happened?

To even begin speculating on why this could have happened, we need to know what type of technologies are involved. What’s the make/model of the socket? What form of communication does it use? Are there any other software/hardware between OH and the socket?

Tp link hs110 WiFi socket no other software only openhab controlling the socket

I’m not familiar with that system, but if I understand correctly, OH can control the devices directly, without any cloud service needed? In that case the problem most likely lies in the binding, and an issue should be filed on openhab-addons. To make it easier for the developers please provide as much info as possible on the conditions at the time this happened, e.g. did the binding mark the thing as offline? Was the device completely powerless and disconnected from the network? Can you replicate the issue by recreating the scenario? In that case, provide log output, debug or trace level if possible.

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