OH 1.8 starts for very long time

Hi colleagues,

My Raspberry Pi B+ configuration is following:

Linux raspberrypi 4.4.36+ #933 Fri Dec 2 21:57:25 GMT 2016 armv6l GNU/Linux

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ cat /etc/debian_version

Delay from RPi Power-On till OpenHAB fully restore it’s state - is around 6 minutes!

  1. What can I do to speed up things?
  2. Something wrong with my setup?
  3. How to track what takes so much time?
  4. Does migrating to OH2 or OpenHabian will solve the issue?

P.S. Sorry if topic is duplicate, I tried to search but found nothing or similar to my issue.


Yes, this is the estimated startup time for RPi B+

Use another platform (e.g. Pi3…)

If openHAB works as expected (after successful startup) I would not think so.

I doubt that.

Udo_Hartmann, Thanks for reply.

Delay from Power-Off till RPi start to respond via ssh: 50 sec.(let’s call it RPis start delay)

So another 5 minutes! it’s clear time to OpenHAB to restore its state.

Here is the list of bindings I use:

org.openhab.binding.exec-1.8.3.jar org.openhab.binding.gpio-1.8.3.jar org.openhab.binding.http-1.8.3.jar org.openhab.binding.mcp23017-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar org.openhab.binding.ntp-1.8.3.jar org.openhab.binding.serial-1.8.3.jar org.openhab.io.gpio-1.8.3.jar org.openhab.persistence.exec-1.8.3.jar org.openhab.persistence.jdbc-1.8.3.jar org.openhab.persistence.logging-1.8.3.jar org.openhab.persistence.rrd4j-1.8.3.jar sqlite-jdbc-3.15.1.jar
It’s project for home lightning automation, also due to the fact that my home located in country side and in our country occasionally we have electricity power off.

It’s not suitable for me to have so long initial respond from OpenHAB.

At least I need to restore light state with RPis start delay, probably without other functionality starts to respond to commands.

  1. It here any ways to achieve quick restore(lower than RPi start delay) state of all lamps after power off?
  2. Which start time delay can I expect for next combinations:
    a) RP3 + my current setup (wheezy OS + OH 1.8)?
    b) RP3 + jessie + OH 1.8/OH 2?
    b) RP3 + OpenHabian + OH 1.8/OH 2?

The Raspberry Pi 2 is already much, much faster, and the Pi 3 faster yet. Here is the kind of dramatic speed improvement you could expect with a Pi2 over your Pi 1 B+, in some cases 7x faster.

This is due to the fact, that RPi has to start a complete java runtime environment plus openHAB (take a look at htop to see the processes that belong to openHAB)

YEp, its java…

Could somebody measure those timings for RP3, worse it to buy?