OH 1.8 wemo discovery is not persistent

Hi All,

I upgraded to 1.8 last week, after running 1.5, then 1.6 for quite some time. My Wemo switch have always worked. Since the upgrade I am having nothing but problems with the discovery. Upon first installing 1.8 I restarted my switches and OH discovered them. A couple of hours later, when they were expected to turn on at sunset, they didn’t, they were no longer being discovered. I restarted them again and shortly after the same thing happened. Also, since I moved to version 1.8, my WEMO app has also lost connectivity to the switches. I have had to do a factory reset on a couple of occasions but shortly after they lose connectivity to the WEMO App and OH. I have seen a couple of others reports similar issues with the discovery. My switch is at the latest firmware. Has anyone been able to get past this problem? I would like to help troubleshoot the issue if someone can tell me what to look for.

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Hi Mike,

if you follow the conversation in the WeMo forum, you will see many comments about reliability of the WeMo devices.
This has mostly nothing to do with the implementation in openHAB. BTW, my WeMo’s run fairly stable with the 1.8 Binding.
I changed the discovery service completely for openHAB 2.0 (exactly in the eclipse smathome version of the binding), but the code is still under review. There will be no further development for the 1.8 version of the binding, apart from bug-fixing.

You mentioned that your WeMo app also looses connectivity to the devices, which indicates not to be a problem with openHAB. To track this down, could you disable the WeMo binding in openHAB and see, if the connectivity becomes more stable just using the WeMo app ?


Hi Hans-Jörg,

Are you referring to this post?

Seem they have a lot of work to do. These products have been on the market for quite some time now, I don’t understand why these issues were not discovered and addressed sooner. In any case, I will disable the Wemo addon and see if the wemo apps will be more stable. If so then I will re-enable the addon and validate from there. Worst case I can downgrade to 1.7.1 until 2.0 is ready for release

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Not only that post, which was extended by myself, but also other posts about devices disappearing in the app or being not responsive.

Ok, I removed the Wemo addon and reset my 2 wemo switches. They are discovered by the wemo app, I will leave it like that for 24 hours, if they are still discovered by the app I will reinstall the wemo addon and monitor it from there.

Thank you