OH 1.8.x doesn't start on reboot


I found some topics regarding “autostart doesn’ work” but I didn’t find one matching my issue…

Everytime I reboot the system I’ve to start it manually:

sudo /etc/init.d/openhab start 

maybe here are some helpful information due to my installation, it was setup by the following lines

echo "deb http://dl.bintray.com/openhab/apt-repo stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab.list 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install openhab-runtime 
sudo /etc/init.d/openhab start 
sudo /etc/init.d/openhab status 
top u openhab 

To autostart the OH service, it told me to confirm the following lines:

cd /etc/default
sudo update-rc.d openhab defaults

But after a reboot, I still have to start the service manually and control the status:

sudo /etc/init.d/openhab start 
sudo /etc/init.d/openhab status 
pi@RASPI:~ $ sudo /etc/init.d/openhab status
● openhab.service - Starts and stops the openHAB Home Automation Bus
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/openhab.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Sun 2018-03-11 10:20:40 CET; 4h 43min ago
     Docs: http://www.openhab.org
  Process: 784 ExecStartPre=/usr/share/openhab/bin/setpermissions.sh (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
 Main PID: 1002 (openhab.sh)
   CGroup: /system.slice/openhab.service
           ├─1002 /bin/sh /usr/share/openhab/bin/openhab.sh -o
           └─1030 /usr/bin/java -Dlogback.configurationFile=/etc/openhab/logback.xml -Dosgi.clean=true -Declipse.ignoreApp=true -Dosgi.noShutdown=true -Djetty.port=8080 -Dopenhab.configfile=/et…55

I’m running OH 1.8.x on a RASPI 2.0 with JESSIE light.

And the file locations are like this:

OpenHab Files for… Path
service configuration /etc/default/openhab
site configuration /etc/openhab
log files /var/log/openhab
userdata like rrd4j databases /var/lib/openhab
openHAB engine /usr/share/openhab
addons and bindings /usr/share/openhab
webapps folder /usr/share/openhab

I just own some basics of Linux. So I need some detailed instructions for help!! :slight_smile:

Thx in advance!