OH 2.2.0 on windows 7 unable to define second serial port in paperui

Hi All,

I’m running OH 2.2.0 on a windows 7 and have my nikobus connected by USB to serial (connected on com8).
Now I want to add some zwave devices to my installation, my zwave controller (usb-stick) is connected to com7.
When I try to configure the zwave-stick in paperui it is recognized but I can only select com8 from the dropdown list.
When I disconnect my nikobus then I’m able to pick com7, and my zwave devices are found without any problem. However when I reconnect my nikobus com7 seams to be dissappeared from paperui and my controller is no longer recognized.
I tried already changing some files according to docs I found on google regarding similar issues on RPi, but no luck so far.
Anyone who can point me in the right direction?

It would really help up narrow down the range of possibilities if you post exactly what you changed to what files.

I added
to the start.sh and the start.debug.sh
I also added
to the openHAB2-wrapper.conf

You don’t run the .sh files on Windows. You need to add those parameters to the start.bat file.

Hello, finally found some time to work on this again, followed your advise, works perfectly. Many thanks!!! You’re the best :=)

Hi Duvelke
Did you fix the error? I have the same error as you. I also use USB to connect openhab to the device. The openhab can not find the USB in Inbox. I also use win 7. Can you help me? Thank you very much