OH 2.4. Milestone versions for synology

I have OH 2.4.0 running on my synology. I cannot find any synology versions for milestones, including M5. Does anyone know how to upgrade OH with the latest milestones (cannot find anything in github)?
Thanks for your help

I assume you mean 2.5 testing versions. The latest is 2.5 Release Candidate 1. I know OH moved to a new development system starting with 2.5 Milestone 2.

2.4 stable, released a year ago, replaced the 2.4 Milestones.

2.5 stable will be released on December 15. Perhaps there will be an image then.

@Kai should there have been testing versions for synology?

OH on NAS (Synology, QNAP) is not really actively supported and even if you did or do get some answers now, it is very likely to always keep lagging behind.

Therefore consider either using the Docker image (if that’s applicable on your box) or move to a RPi with openHABian.

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I guess there should be an issue to update the documentation. “latest” still indicates it is supported.

No. That’s a question what you understand by ‘supported’. Technically - and that’s what the official docs refer to - it’ll work to run this. But what’s the value in there if you cannot have the latest version.
Also there’s no strict definition and listed requirements what is “supported” and what is not.

Yes, this is what I mean. Sorry for incorrectness. I will wait if there occurs a 2.5 release for synology.

2.5 is released but not M6 and how can we update? we have to remove 2.4 and install 2.5?
docker is better in this case?

what do you mean ?
You need to change the repository from ‘testing’ to ‘release’.

there is milestone for synology?
where should I enter “testing”?

For Synology?

I don’t know if there’s a testing build for Synology. I understood your posting as if 2.5 is released on Synology and was using the standard repo way of distributing software.
In standard repo based install method, you automatically would get 2.5 when you apt-get upgrade, but if it does not on your box it would be because you are not on the ‘release’ repo hence my advice to change there.

But probably that’s wrong understanding and there’s neither a testing build line nor a 2.5 release nor do people provide a repo. At least I’m unaware of any of these.

So in a nutshell, forget about my last post but re-read my previous one.
Running on Synology simply is not a clever idea, one of the reasons is SW support to lag behind as you just experienced yourself.
So either go for Docker if you want to stick to Synology by all means or - recommended - move to a dedicated box such as a RPi.

I believe the recommended path for running on Synology now is to use Docker.

The official recommendation is to run on a dedicated box to minimise dependencies.
That any NAS is not, Docker or not.
And even if you choose to ignore that, not every NAS has enough ressources to run Docker. Mine for example just has 2 GB of RAM to be shared with all the NAS apps, I wouldn’t ever risk to run OH on there.

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