OH 2.4, MQTT, H801 device and Espurna

Has anybody got a H801 LED Strip controller with Espurna, working with MQTT and OH2.4, and would be willing to share the config?

Most Users here are happy to help, but with this little information it just looks like this.
I tried for a minute or two and then gave up, please do the work for me.
I recommend reading this

so far as I can tell, from the little information you have given, you flashed Espurna to your H801 and could not figure out how to setup everything correctly.
Since I never used Espurna I can not tell you what you have to do/click there to achieve your desire.
But many people here used, are using Sonoff-Tasmota which also supports the H801.

Basic configuration for all new MQTT devices are the same, set up the Wifi connection, Setup the MQTT Broker on the Server, verify the Broker is working, configure the ne MQTT device to use the Broker and then configure openHAB.

Just a simple search for H801 provided 18 results. Did you check this before?


Hi, and thanks for your reply.

I grant that it wasn’t much info, my aim was to see if anyone had working examples I copy copy-paste from.

But your description fits pretty well. H801 has been flashed with recent Espurna and is working fine. So does MQTT towards my Mosquitto. The struggle begins when I start digging into my sitemap as well as the needed items & rules. I need some mapping between the 0-100% in OH and 0-255 in Espurna.
I haven’t been able to benefit from either Google or community searches. But I’ll dig further on, and post my code if(when) I get stuck on my own.

Well and again you did not press the search URL right? :rofl:
For example there is this topic, where someone already manged to get it all working :wink:

Well, I searched for Espurna as it’s different from Tasmota with different MQTT/control implementations, searching for Audi when I need help for my BMW doesn’t make sense either.

As I, initially also wrote, Google did not reveal anything really useful either.

But rather that continue this “did you search loop”, I’ll try to develop the rules myself (Since, as you know, simple MQTT publish/subscribe isn’t enough when dealing with sitemaps, RGB/WW colorpickers etc.), but I had hoped that someone had it working already (Based on the OH2.4, MQTT, H801, RGB strip keywords)

Have you flashed it and have it working through the ui?

If you have, Getting espurna working with mqtt is simple.

All my leds are controlled this way. Faultless.

What part is not working?

Sorry, but I assume that the MQTT Topic and controlling from Espurna ain’t that different to Tasmota (since it’s both still MQTT), and even if they are, the topic provided can help figure out what you need to look for.
The Topic even talked about the color problem.

Also, do you have to use Espurna? If there is a working solution with Tasmota why not using that one?