OH 2.4 - Paper UI No rooms displayed

I’m currently running OH2.4 on RPi and I can no longer view the Rooms in the Control section of Paper UI. I’m trying to test some of my new items, but I can’t get to any ‘Things’. I’ve tried clearing cache, rebooting, different browsers (Chrome and Edge), making sure I don’t have Things that are the same as a room and nothing is letting me see the rooms/control the things.

Any suggestions?

If you edit a “thing”, is the location field still filled whit the name of a room?
What does your OpenHAB log tell you?

Yes, when I go to Configuration => Things, I do see the list of my Things and when I edit them, I do see the correct rooms listed.

I have Front Tail running and when I click on Control, I do not get any errors in the log.

On the Control tab, only those Channels on Things that are linked to an Item will appear. As Michiel indicates, which rooms exist and which Things appear in which room is defined by the location field.

I understand that. I’m saying that I have several Rooms defined and several Things defined with locations set to those Rooms. However, when I go into Control, no rooms are listed.

But are there any Items linked to the Channels on those Things?

only those Channels on Things that are linked to an Item will appear

I think you are talking about below. I have about 12 rooms. All of my Things have a location assigned to one of those rooms.

and Bar1 does have 2 Channels linked:

If you turn off Simple Mode, does that change anything?

I turned off Simple Mode under Configuration => System => Item Linking and still do not see anything under Control.

Anyone else having this issue or have any suggestions?