OH 2.5: expose some event to MQTT

I have Openhab 2.5 with a Souliss Bindings. My Souliss node are RS485 with a unique Ethernet Gateway, so it is not possible to expose every single node to MQTT.
What I need to do, is to expose some intems from Souliss Bindings to MQTT, so External system can control this items via OpenHab using MQTT. It is possible?

Thanks in Advance.

So you want to go from your device via RS485 into openHAB via the Souliss Binding and then back out via the MQTT Binding?

Or you just want to control your Souliss openHAB Items via MQTT?

Can you show us what you’ve tried so far?

Hi @hafniumzinc

I just want to control your Souliss openHAB Items via MQTT
Basically I need to integrate some Souliss’ Items on my Openhab, with My Brother’s Home Assistant. So my brother can control some Souliss Items on My OpenHab via his Home Assistant. We just have a vpn tunnel between our two houses.

Basically I did nothing yet, because I don0t know If its possible to do. I have an OpenHab 25. with souliss working, and MQTT binding installed and working.