OH 2.5, PaperUI and expiry

I haven’t looked or tried OH 3 yet but I was wondering if there would be any use/merit to try adding UI support in PaperUI for the expiry binding in OH 2.5. Haven’t hacked into the OH code yet but not being able to set the expiry natively in PapeUI bugs me, I have many complex rules for handling expiry because for most of my paperui items…


Expire is a v1 binding, can’t be set in PaperUI

PaperUI as well as v1 bindings are gone in OH3.

Your specific question has been answered. PaperUI is being replaced in OH 3 and the Expire binding is not supported in OH 3. However, I believe they are working on some new sort of scheduler which might be a suitable replacement for Expire 1.x.

If not or until it becomes available, I created Jython Drop-in Replacement for Expire 1.x Binding (requires setup and use of Jython rules). I am pretty certain that the replacement for PaperUI allows the configuration of metadata on Items so you can configure everything through the new UI.

Slightly off-topic but is there any documentation available on the new UI?

Yannick is posting lots of screen shots to github and twitter. There is the start of a tutorial at [wiki] Getting Started with OH3: rewriting the tutorial - 1. Introduction.


Thanks. I am interested in the customizing options.
I installed OH 3 quickly but did not play with it much.

Amazing! Really looking forward for OH3 now. I haven’t tried OH3 yet but looked at your code… does this mean that you were able to create the equivalent of the actual expire binding purely using the new rule language?

Yes, it does everything that the Expire binding does using the same metadata with only a tiny difference. The Expire 1.x binding doesn’t really support expire="MyStringItem,state=NULL", setting MyStringItem to the String “NULL” instead of the state NULL. My rule will set MyStringItem to NULL with that metadata and to set the String “NULL” you would use expire="MyStringItem,state='NULL'"

So you should be able to just install the expire rule at that link, remove the Expire binding and everything should work without changes.

But note, this is only intended to be a stop gap until users are able to migrate to the native OH replacement for Expire. I do not intend to update or add to the code for too long after OH 3 is released.

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