OH 2 compatible fitness tracker

Anyone who integrated a fitness tracker into OH2 to monitor fitness tracker data.
I could think of rule based weekly report or displaying historical data.

Google Fit has a REST API:


As does FitBit:


I couldn’t find anything for Apple Healthkit

Garmin has an API but it costs $5000 to get access to it.

I don’t know other trackers.

The nice thing about Google Fit is that it integrates with lots of other fitness devices. But it only works on Android.

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Not sure if this is new or not, but it looks like it’s just the Connect API that costs $5,000. The Health API that contains things like steps and sleep is free for “approved developers,” whatever that means.

Did this get anywhere - or did it just die?
I really want to put wearables and fitness trackers into OpenHAB…

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