OH 3.0.0 with 2 HueMotion Sensors via MQTT causes issues

I started using OH3. I do own meanwhile some Shellies, a Hue Bridge, some Hue Motion Sensors (indoor and outdoor) and some other things.

I also run Zigbee2MQTT, due to the fact, that the Hue Brdige is, if you connect a motion sensor with a light, too slow. MQTT is much faster.

Now, I “activated” a secod Hue motion sensor and that is causing issues. My first motion sensor (bathroom) works perfect until the second motion sensor receives detects motion. It seems that this mess up the occupance of the frist hue motion sensor.
One motion sensor allown works perfect, the 2 in combination (different rooms) causes issues. Any clue what this could be?

If I look into MQTT.fx, I can see, that hue motion sensor 1 does not send occupancy update BUT ONLY if hue motion sensor 2 has detected a motion.

EDIT 14:10: I have seen that this issues appears as well as if the Aqara door sensor (also via MQTT) sends a comand.

Any idea?

What does the zigbee2mqtt channel sub say?
I guess you checked if all sensors have unique IDs/friendly names?

It sounds like a Zigbee2MQTT issue.

See if each motion sensor will trigger different messages to mqtt.

yup, i did, they all do have there own unique ID and have a unique friendly name.

I changed log level to debug and I can see, that each device does not lots of mqtt messages. enabeld for the window/door sensors the debounce to 3, that reduces the messages OH3 receives .
however, everything else seems to be fine to me but still, i have an issue that once e.g. hue motion sensor 1 triggers and hue motion sensor 2 triggers, sensor 1 does not send a occupancy signal :frowning:

I’m closing this thread. I haven’t found the issue. Thanks for your help.
I’m now using by Hue Bridge, it’s a bit slower but stable.