OH 3.1 + influx + knx


i already got influxdb + grafana up and running but now i have another question:

i am wondering if i can use the persistence service to automatically send previous states to the knx bus.

Some knx values are not sent regularly. for instance the day/night object is only sent twice a day which breaks many things (different lights switched on at night etc.)

does the “restoreonstartup” parameter of the persistence service send the state to the item (and to the knx bus) after restart like a command or is an update only?

if this cannot be achieved with persistence I’d have to use lots of rules.

thank you!

the latter

Well it’s a matter of building intelligent rules, isn’t it.
Put all affected items into a group then trigger upon Member of <group> changed then send the command.

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Thank you!

I already did some testing.
KNX sends updates after a device is reset.
I changed the “startup delay” of my time server and weather station to 20 s so that they will startup later than the devices that rely on the time information.
maybe this already fixes most of the issues.
For “virtual” switches etc. I’ll use a rule as you suggested to post them to the bus when the server restarts.

Thanks a lot Markus!