OH 3 GPIO Binding initial value

Hello, I’m brand new to OH3 and am having trouble with setting the initial value of my relay switch.

When I reboot my pi, ie power goes out, the relay’s initial value is on. Is there any way to set the initial value to be off? I know this was easily possible for the binding in OH2, but I can’t find any info on how to do on the binding for OH3 GPIO - Bindings | openHAB.

Thanks in advance.

I use the exec binding to set gpio at boot

pigs m 25 r;
pigs m 23 r;
pigs m 18 r;
pigs m 21 r

Sets those 4 pins to input

Here you can find the different commands


How can I set it so it runs those commands at boot?

Run a cron job.
Put something like this into the cron.
@reboot sleep 300 && /usr/local/sbin/onboot.sh >/dev/null 2>&1

The command above sleeps for 300 seconds and then runs the script.