OH 3 & HABPanel

I just migrated to OH 3 through openHABian and was happy that I could instantly access my default sitemap in Basic UI. However, I did not yet succeed with HABPanel. I did install the UI manually and tried to retrieve my panel from the server but clicking on ‚panel settings‘ did not have any effect. It did not show a list of available panels. I only get the option of adding a new panel. Is there any step in the migration process that I might have missed? How can I get back to my existing panels?

@pune2001 Did you ever get this resolved? I am seeing the same behavior. Perhaps we are just too early the development cycle for this feature.

I ended up running into this issue as well. Previously this worked with the following

panelsRegistry=$(jq 'tostring' /etc/openhab/habpanel/panelsRegistry.json )
jq '.panelsRegistry += '"${panelsRegistry}"'  ' < /etc/openhab/habpanel/org.openhab.habpanel.json | curl --silent -X PUT --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "Accept: application/json"  -d @- ""

But it seems to be silently failing now. Will investigate more.

I ended up getting this to work by exporting the OH2 HabPanel config using the export function in Local Settings within OH2, then likewise importing into OH3 from the Local Setting in OH3. So HabPanel does work in OH3, its just that the migration from OH2 to OH3 requires manual intervention. I hope/assume that’s once docs are available many of these issues will be called out. I know the developers are targeting a late December roll out for OH3 but it seems to me there is an awful lot left to do to get OH3 ready for mass adoption. I wish them luck.

I also resolved it using export/import panel. Worked well.

I’ve got HABpanel running OK on OH3, but I can’t seem to interact Fully Kiosk Browser as I used to.

Does anyone have an working OH3 Fully set-up they can show me please? (things & items)

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@John_Siemon Could you clarify what you mean by “Local Settings?” I am familiar with full backup and restore of the openhab config and I tried manually copying/pasting the habpanel.config but cannot get the panel to restore. Thanks.

In OH2 if you select Radio Button next to Local Storage in the HabPanel SETTINGS Page. Then below the Local Storage item it says “Edit the local panel configuration (experts only)”. Click on that and you will be taken to a page that contains the HabPanel definitions. In the upper Left are the Export/Import Buttons. Just use them to create(OH2) and retrieve(OH3) the HabPanel.



Hmm, I am having the same issue after the upgrade to OH3. But the OH2 installation was removed during the upgrade, does this mean my HABpanel is lost?
I have a backup.zip of my OH2 installation can this be used to import the HABpanel into OH3?

Hi, @nik70000:

Maybe you still have a cached copy of your panel in the browser you used to access HabPanel. You just need to open the browser, point to your old url address and it might show up. If this is the case, just save the panel to the server and you will have it again.

Good luck!