OH 3 <-> KNX Device and Model and Items

Hi, ope you have a nice christmas and are healthy.
so far I have used OH2 and everything has worked.

Sorry I am new and can only upload one picture, others attached :thinking:

Since I now have some time and now OH3 has appeared, I thought I do everything again. So far so good.
So I installed my KNX IP/Gatway Biinding under “THINGS” and also a KNX device.
This KNX device I have then created all my channels.

Image attached NR 1

With the KNX device I have created all my channels that I have.

Image attached NR 2

So and then I thought I’d create my house at “Model” with all the floors, rooms.
Then I thought it is a good thing and distinguish within a room by temperature and light
And then I clicked “Create Equipment from thing” (for living room) and selected my KNX device and then the channels that belong to the room.
So far so good.

Image attached NR 3

But when I then did the same thing in the DiningRoom

Image attached NR 4

Are suddenly things also migrated, even from the living room to the dining room. WHY ???

Image attached NR 5

Does anyone know the problem?
And what do items have to do with it now. Have I not understood something ?

Thanks for the help, maybe this will also help other KNX users.

I used a Point instead of Equipment… looks better now

I’m having the same issue, but Point did not solve the issue. I can assign the channels as Points in the model, but then it doesn’t show up in the UI ?

Which UI ?

OH3 UI, navigate to locations

hmm sounds similar to what i experienced. If i’m going to change something in the model view, things suddenly disappears. Not all the time, but occasionally. That particularly things are then only visible under the items view. No matter what i’m doing, i cannot restore the model view. The only thing that helps is to remove the thing completely and add it again under the model view. Do we have a nasty bug here?

I think I sill have an understanding issue. If I use “Create Equipment from Thing” I can assign the KNX device only to one location. So the idea is to not assign the KNX device as equipment, but to assign single channels of the KNX device with “Create Points from Thing” to several locations.
But this results in not having the KNX device in the UI->Equipment and also not having any channel/points in the UI->Locations.
What would be the correct handling?

this are all channels from the knx things and are connected by a model. i can also see them on the UI

Thank for the info. Did you add the KNX device somewhere as equipment in the semantic model? Do you have any equipments at all in the model or only points?

At the moment I have only one KNX device with all the channels under Things.

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