OH 3 Scenes/Rules

I am running OH 3 and would like to setup a couple of rules/scenes. I created an item switch to turn the scene on but I don’t know how to create a rule that turns on my dimmable lights. The dimmer is a Zigbee device and I use MQTT to control it. I have created a “Then” but the command is not working. I use two fields in MQTT


cmnd/tasmota_9C813D/zbsend {“device”:“0xDE89”, “send”:{“Dimmer”:“%s”} }


for the data. I’ve tried different combinations but nothing works. Can someone direct me to the doc to fix this?

I recommend going through the Rules concept page in the main docs ( Rules | openHAB) which will give you the basics down for the concepts of a rule and it’s parts. Then go through the rules pages in the Getting Started Tutorial (Rules - Introduction | openHAB) which reenforces some of those concepts and then walks you through creating rules of increasing complexity.

Note that by the time you are working with rules, you are working with Items. The rule doesn’t know the difference between an MQTT topic and a Zwave wall switch. That’s kind of the whole point of Items.

And saying this doesn’t really tell us anything. What two fields? MQTT Channels supports dozens of fields depending on the type of the Channel. Is this Channel linked to an Item? If you manually command the Item does it work?

Thank you for the reply. Soon after posting this, I discovered the answer to my question. The command value is just that “the dimmer value ie 100 or 50” nothing more complicated than that. I quess I was thinking too deep.

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