OH 4.0.4 Broadlink binding RM3 mini error

@Bernd_Ritter this is about the PR @hmerk was talking about in the other topic. Based on the PR, I have created a new branch to extend the functionality of the binding. It now comes with RF support for the Pro models and allow for GUI based learning of the IR/RF commands. It is still fully backwards compatible with the PR, as it uses the same file and format for storing learned IR commands.


Thank you! I have an RM2 Pro and an RM4 Pro.
Both already work with IR- and RF- using the old version of the binding, I think.
But I use only the RM2 Pro for RF.

I will try the latest alpha from here :slight_smile:

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It might be worth putting this in the marketplace, starting a separate (new) discussion for it, then pointing to it from these old threads. I think that would reduce confusion stemming from the past discussions. There’s a lot of baggage that can be left behind. :wink:

Thanks for the update. I am using a rm2 to send RF to some old plugs. It is working fine for me and i was able to reuse the already learned codes from the broadlink.map file.

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Hi, Apologies for being late to the party.
@AntonJansen , any chance you can sync your openhab-addons fork? I started trying to commit the storage changes to your repo, but i think some of the requirements for openhab changed between yesterday and today, and the brinding does not compile anymore.


Branch broadlink-binding-4.2.x is now synched with the latest of openhab-addons. Coming week I intend to spend some time to clean-up and merge the rm4pros branch that will bring in RF handling and a better UI way of creating new IR/RF commands. Hence, you might want to use the rm4pros branch as a starting point.

Yes, a new topic is a good idea. Not sure if the marketplace is the place to be. I hope to some time coming week to do this.

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My thinking is that it’ll simplify the installation process in the short term. When people move to 4.2 (which many won’t do until it’s released), they’ll just have to uninstall the marketplace binding, install the release version, and carry on.

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Is the rm4pros branch also based on 4.2.x and also synced? My commits also have some UI changes for IR Learning, hopefully you will be able to use them.


@ricardol yes, that branch I have also synced.

Hi all, I have created a new topic as suggested by @rpwong in the addon marketplace. Please continue the discussion there.

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Hello all,

now , that 4.2 is out, which Broadlink binding should I install? OH is offering me, in the add-on-scection…
It the rm4mini support by that? Binding?

When installing the right one this error comes up:

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Hey all. Now with 4.2 OH I have disabled the old Broadlibk 3.2 Binding and have offical installed the new one. Deleted the RM4 Mini as a thing and created new.
Now I want to save to new commands for my climamachine. So only an START and a STOP command. Is someone abler to make a small pictered step by staop list what I need to do in the Thing to learn, save and staore two new commands. The old for me known process how to do that is not working somhow. It would be very nice from the users which do this more than once. Thanks in advanced

@AntonJansen’s marketplace post includes a link to documentation on GitHub. There are no photos, but it covers all of the individual steps to learn/modify/delete codes.

Thanks for the tipp. Also with this help is not working for me.
What’s my problem:

I have created to items als command. Lets say there name is KlimaAN and KlimaAUS
Then I created also to items under the learing section. Same name.

Now I open open the learning section the item KlimaAN,

Press the button to lean. the LED wake up.
Use my IR remote control send the command to the RM4mini.
The LED goes off.

I use the botton to save, and the NULL in the item change to "

When I do the same proces with learn and store, with the other item “KlimaAUS”,
the item becomes the same information with “Device_ON”

See here:

What I’m doing wrong here?

From prinipal I need two comands under the learing section and under the comands section, right?


This is where you go wrong. Read the instructions on the market place post. IR/RF Commands are not openhab command channels. They are strings passed to a command channel. To create a IR/RF command, set the name of the command in the thing property “Name of IR/RF command to learn”. Then go to the channel “Remote learning control” and make sure an item is associated with the channel. Next, click on the item, and click on the “NULL” value box. Choose “learn command” and point your IR device to the broadlink box. Next, choose “check and save control” and repeat the IR command.

The IR command is now saved under the name of “Name of IR/RF command to learn” property you defined earlier.

Create 1 item under the Command channel. Click on the command item, click on the “NULL” value, a pop-up menu should now appear with your new command to use.

A picture tell more than 1000 words…

With the helping hands from Anton, a lot of playing around with the issue. I have found a way how to learn, save, and use the Broadlink RM4 mini, and the stuff arround.

This time the magic trick was, the for each new command which need to be learned, the NAME of this command is not located as usal in the channel section under commands, at leard comands, IT IS LOCATED in the general section of the thing. Total new for me. But I found it, and I have not more two commands with the same name :slight_smile:

So I made now for all of you, and myself, an picture step by step guidance, that when OH5 comes somewere and a new binding is developed, I will find it agian, how to learn, and save commands. The example is done for IR and a “switch” to switch ON e.g. a radio.

  1. So everything starts with a generated thing, with the right IP, the Networkaddress, and VERY VERY important with the Command Name of the command you want to learn.
    This Name need all the time to be changed, when you want to lear an new command.
    (Magic trick for me after some days of headache for me, why it is not working in my setup)
  2. Save this settings by pressing in the right upper corner, that the system know now the name of the command that now will be learnd.

  1. Now you generate under the channel section of the thing, and new learning command.
    Let’s say, this command in named with “Radio_ON”
  2. The new command gets also an label. e.g. Radio_ON
  3. Optional you can call the new command to the section ,e.g. in my case to wintergarden and subsection, broadlink RM4.

  1. Then you open the new named command under the lean section, and press the section in the upper area which is current called “NULL”. It opens a section.

  2. Choose the section and click for learn command.
    → the RM4 mini LED goes with and the is now ready to learn the command from your IR sender.
    → Then you use your IR sender and send to the RM4 mini the command, by pressing the key on your sender. Takes 1-2 sec.
    The LED goes off after that on the RM4 mini.
    You close the section of the channel and can reopen it.

  1. Then you can click on the section of the learned command again, and the same button list comes up, where you can save the command.

  1. After that you go away from the learn section to the command section in the channel section from the thing.

Here you link the now “leard command” the a command which should do the stuff to send the command every time you wand to the RM4 mini.

  1. Link the new command tothe command.

Finished with a stuff, to learn, to save, to link a command to the OH4 system.

One more important stuff.
Last but not least you should go back to the overview of the thing, and rename
the IF command in the section eg. from RADIO_ON to a new command which should be learned
Then do all the suff repeated and from 1. → 8. to have a new command leard.

I hope Anton and friends, it is OK, when we I have created a picterd Step by Step list here…