OH Binding for Gigaset Elements missing?

Unfortunately there is no binding for Gigaset Elements in OH3.
At the moment I am controlling only the thermostats via the alexa binding (read Temp an set temp).

Does anyone know, how can i read the other sensors? (water, climate, window/doors, gateway with arm/disarm is not so important at the moment) without such an binding?

Will be there a binding for these in the future? Because I´ve got a lot of Gigaset Elements which were not really cheap, but work very well for some months.
Now i´ve integrated all my others smart-things (Alexa, harmony, hue, tasmota flashed gosunds, IP Cameras, 433Mz sensors with rtl_433, spotify, raspi systeminfo etc.), recently started with creating personal widgets, but miss the gigaset ones to complete my system.

Is there someone who has integrated this already? Or has some ideas/hints for me?

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When I searched I only saw a community binding which, I assume, was for OH2. The binding developer would need to make a new one for OH3 or you could run it on an OH2 system and use remoteopenhab binding to get the OH2 Items into OH3.

Thank You. Nice workaround :wink: But this seems to be a litte too complicated for me…

I am surely not the only one who uses OH3 and will implement Gigaset elements. Maybe there is an other possibility?

I´m also interested for a solution to this.

I’m also interessted. Just started with OpenHAB and was kinda sad there is no binding as I have a few Gigaset door and window sensors.


thought there is more response to this topic. :frowning:

Found this at gitub, is in the HA threat, but must run with OH too (mqtt) :wink:

I´ll try this when i finshed my current projects in a few days (or weeks?) (inkpaper-display for raspi, which displays some states of Items; And replacing some Gosund-LED-Stripes-Controllers, which you can´t flash anymore with OTA, with one of my raspi zero´s).

Hope this topic will not close automatically until will try this…

Keep me posted if you get it to work. I tried running this in docker, seems to be the same thing: Docker Hub But no luck. Then again, there’s no documentation.

Any news or workarounds to use Gigaset Elements on OH3?

For me it’s not that importat to get information from my Gigaset Elements sensors but I would like to control the modus between HOME and AWAY.

I think that would be possible by running the gigasetelements-cli with executeCommandLine()
But it’s not realy clear to me how to install it to my Openhab3 running in a Dockercontainer on my Synology NAS.