OH does not find all Homematic things

Hi at all,
I’m using openhub with homematic (CCU3) already since some years and I already upgraded to OH 3 some month ago, and it works fine.
Some weeks ago, I made an update of both and some days later I saw, that I couldn’t controle two items via OH. In the HM web UI they wor fine.
Confused, I deleted the things for these items after some test, to try if they are fond again, but no, they didn’t. Then I reinstalled Openhub and the items (still there in HM) are not found. Then I baught a new actor, but it was mot found, too.
Al least, I called the XML HM Interface, assuming that it is used ba OH, and the items are there as well, but not found by OH.
I have no idea left … some helpfull tips available?


are there any messages in openhab.log? What kind of devices are not detected? Are other devices of the same type detected?

As a next step you can set the log level for the HM binding to TRACE, run the discovery again and post the openhab.log with the messages issued during the discovery scan.