Oh-image in oh-repeater

I have a group which contains multiple items which are all of type Image. Now I want to display all these images in a widget with oh-repeater.
But I don’t manage to display the images. The label of the items are displayed for testing purpose and this is working. When I replace =loop.stations by the an actual item, I do get the correct image. So I probably make a mistake in the syntax for the item, but don’t know what.

snippet of code:

- component: oh-repeater
    fragment: true
    for: stations
    sourceType: itemsInGroup
    groupItem: radio_stations
    filter: loop.stations.label.includes("Radio") == true
      - component: oh-image
          item: =loop.stations
          title: =loop.stations.label

loop.stations is the entire items object for each item (which is why loop.stations.label works). The item property expects just a string with the item name, so in this case loop.stations.name.

Thanks! So simple, but not always understanding everything at first :slight_smile: