Oh-input datepicker parameters not working

I’d be grateful for any guidance on using a datepicker oh-input widget.

It seems to work except for anything under the calendarParams (or calendar-params, I’ve tried both).

My simple widget just for testing so far is as follows

uid: datePicker
tags: []
  parameters: []
  parameterGroups: []
timestamp: Jun 7, 2024, 8:03:49 AM
component: f7-block
config: []
    - component: oh-input
        type: datepicker
        validate: true
        required: true
        item: TestDate
        outline: false
        sendButton: true
          locale: en-GB
          dateFormat: d mmmm yyyy
          closeOnSelect: true

Properties such as sendButton work correctly but the properties under calendarParams don’t. I can’t change the date format (moreover Chrome shows it in US m.d.y format and Firefox in Eurpean d.m.y format) and I can’t get the datepicker to close on a click on a date.

I have tried all sorts of variations but other people seem to be reporting that they have it working. I can’t seem to make any progress but I cannot see what I am doing wrong.

Any help gratefully received

I’ve never tried to use this, but from a quick glance at the code for the oh-input the issue appears to be that the oh-input overwrites the calendar-params property with its own set of default settings. It should be an easy fix, but you’re going to have to file an issue on the repo.

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Thanks Justin

I’ll do exactly that