OH MQTT Embedded Broker not found

I did not find the MQTT Embedded broker in the Binding> Misc. Can you please suggest me how can I install it?

I believe Mosquitto is a standalone product.

??? You posted a screen shot of it. That’s what the MQTT Broker Moquette is, the embedded MQTT broker.

But we recommend against its use. Apparently the upstream maintainers of Moquette have ended support for it. Install and use Mosquitto instead.

Thank you so much Rich. I am struggling to connect openHAB to MQTT and failed to send and receive data from them. Can you please suggest me the steps?

First a question: Which is your platform? If using a Raspberry Pi: Did you install via openhabian image?

Given an openHABian installation, it’s very easy to install mosquitto by using the openhabian-config tool (option 20 -> option 23)
It’s also possible to use sudo apt install mosquitto to install mosquitto manually.

Second step is to test if mosquitto is up and running, simply use a tool like mqtt.fx, mqtt-spy or something similar to connect to port 1883 of the server.
Connect other Clients to the mosquitto server and take a look at the topics (subscribe to # to get all topics sent by other clients)

Now install the openHAB mqtt2 addon,
add a mqtt broker (not the system broker!) and simply configure the ip of the server. (the mqtt bridge should become ONLINE almost immediately).
Now add at least one generic mqtt thing and chose the former created broker. Create one channel per in/out topic.

Thanks for your help. I installed openHAB in Windows, so how can I installed mosquitto?


You can get the windows version here: https://mosquitto.org/download/

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Thanks, I installed, tried to follow your instructions but still failed to connect, send and receive the data in between openHAB and MQTT. Please find the picture and suggest to me.

I have not worked much with MQTT but some have found this program helpful. I understand you need to get openHAB talking to the Mosquitto Broker before anything else will work.

Thanks, my friend, I did but failed to connect. !

Is the port allowed through your Windows firewall?

  1. The broker address has to be the ip of your Windows machine. If this is that’s fine.
  2. In openHAB please don’t use the System broker!!! Instead of that use MQTT Broker (“a connection to a MQTT Broker”)
  3. Configure the MQT Broker connection to use the same ip as above (

Thanks for your advice. I did the same job, please see the attached picture, still it says Offline.
I am really worried, man.

Are you sure your mqtt server is up and running?

Yes my friend, it is up and still I failed to connect openhab to MQTT.

I’m sure you did, but just to verify… Did you do a restart of openHAB?

Yes man, Thanks for your support, now it is working fine, I just cleared the inside of tmp file and it is working fine. (C:\openHAB2\userdata\tmp) file inside