OH Puppet module?

One quick question:

Actually there is no puppet module for Open Hub, correct?
I found some older ones in the net but nothing really new.

Would there be interest for that`?


I know of no Puppet, Vagrant, Chef, nor Ansible modules for openHAB that have been created and submitted to the openHAB project itself. As for interest, :person_shrugging: It’s hard to say. These sorts of infrastructure as code tools aren’t usually used by home users that much. But if you build it, they may come. If you’re going to build it anyway for yourself you may as well share it. It might become a thing. :smiley:

I did write an Ansible Role for openHAB (largely based on @rlkoshak examples) and a project to bootstrap a Raspy and to make use of said role.
But both repositories are far from polished and are not in a state where publishing to Ansible Galaxy would be advisable…