Oh-slider-item: slider not aligned to scale


I am running OH3.2 and have a oh-slider-item within a oh-list-card and the slider is not aligned to the correct value.
Thats reproducable on Android 11, but also on Windows 10 with Edge 98.0.1108.50
Anyone else experiencing the same?

    - component: oh-slider-item
        title: Lautstärke
        icon: soundvolume
        item: EGWohnzimmerFernseher_Volume
        min: 0
        max: 25
        step: 1
        label: true
        scale: true
        releaseOnly: true

I have seen some occasional issues with improper rendering of sliders in android app and chrome browsers, but never consistent and always fixed by a simple page refresh. If this is truly reproducible, then it probably warrants an issue on github.

Possibly relevant:

Actually, probably not.

But try removing your icon on the left - I bet the ball sits exactly where it should then…

I hade same problem. On listcard setting “configure list” forgot to make a choise. After selecting Media list my problem was solved.

Thanks for all your feedback.

I have already tried removing the icon before, this did not solved it, but Channing the most to media list helped. Thanks