OH system recovery from old USB stick!?

OH 2.4 running on Raspberry Pi 3+, worked nice half year but 2 days ago lost contact with it…
SD card failure. I have had moved system to USB stick - it seems to be ok - at least there is 5Gb data.
So, took another SD card, wrote new image to it, inserted new USB stick ( to keep my old setup witch was on old stick).
System is up again, but I had to start all from zero…
Copyed etc/openhab2 folder from old USB to new, got back my sitemap, items etc.
But there is no items in Paper UI, bindings are missing and so on.
Tryed to replace the new USB stick with my old USB stick, but system does not boot up with it…
My old SD card is overwritten and I can’t copy anything from that.

So, long story short - is there possibility to recover my system from old USB stick, or I must install all bindings and etc for new!?

Sounds like you have sitemaps, items files etc, but not binaries backed up. So yes, you will have to reinstall bindings but they should mostly just pickup the items once installed (depending on how you’ve configured). Recommend going to SSD disk rather than SD or USB stick, less prone to failure. Also make sure you have genuine (proper amperage) power supply for Rpi (low amp power supply can cause file system corruption) and recommend taking an image after major updates as well as regular OH backups using the “openhab-cli” command (also ensure you get that backup off to alternate media) Or see my post here for tips on simple backup script, plus links further on in the thread on a how to for running an SSD disk with Rpi.

Thanks for quick replay!
Seems the USB stick have problem - sometimes it is recognised, sometimes not…
Maybe I can copy binaries from old stick?
Power supply is ok, 3A.
Start to look for SSD then… :slight_smile:

Now it’s clear - USB stick from SanDisc is practically unreadeable for now, it worked for ~4-5 months…
Is it possible, when system is up and root moved to USB, swap USB to SSD afterwards?
Or I must start my config from buying/installing SSD?
It’s not possible to move root back from USB to SD?

Edit: old usb disk was compleatly unreadable, tryed in windows and in linux machine…
Had nothing to loose - opened drive and heated it with hot air gun for about 30 sec. Can copy files from it now! :smiley: