OH: unknown devices

Common question. May I somehow make OH get device information?
Openhabian linux - 2.5.9 version / Openhab 3.0 windows
Z-dongle uzb stick - z-wave network controller.

Detailed description:
I’ve added some devices via Z-Wave PC controller to z-wave network. But some of this devices is unknown.
If i’ll add this devices via Openhab devices inclusion - device added with all information (not unknown) but works wrong - no notifications.
Current device to add - HEIMAN Smoke detector.

Your description is very vague. We do not know your setup but that information would be helpful, so please give us a bit more information. See here for advice.

So your issue is solved? If so it will be appreciated if you mark it accordingly :+1:

Update. Still have problem of unknown device.

Inclusion of a device only means that the controller knows about the presence of the device and puts it into its own network.
One level above the Z-Wave binding needs to recognize the device so it knows about the capabilities of the device. For this purpose the binding has an internal database. The data for this database is put together by the community:

You may want to check if your devices are known in the database. If your device ist NOT listed there, you may follow the instructions in the database guide to make it known. Keep in mind, that the data is part of the binding. So when everything is approved and a new binding version (snapshot) is built, you need to use this snapshot instead of the version that came with the OH version.