OH V2.2 Uninstalling Cloud Binding causes full logs

Yesterday after upgrading to the release version of OH V2.2 from a recent Snapshot build everything was working well, until I tried to uninstall the cloud binding as I don’t use it. Thereafter the log was splattered with several lines of unhappiness every few seconds. I tried rebooting and also reinstalling the cloud binding which didn’t help. I then via Apt changed to the last snapshot which worked until I then uninstalled the cloud binding which brought the error back. I then changed back to the V2.2 release build and all was well.
As my logs are stored in RAM I don’t have the actual error, but thought I’d save anyone else from similar hassles.
Should anyone wish to fix this it should be easily reproducable by uninstalling the cloud binding, and watching the logs, and the crude and dirty fix seems to be a change of OH version.