OH1 Actions -> OH2 Actions

Hello developer community,

this is one of a few Ideas I like the AC to consider.

Deprecate all OH1 actions and remove them from the addons webpage. A new user is highly confused by seeing this.

I think a small one/two day code marathon would be enough to migrate all old actions into a separate OH2 binding each with the action exposed as a NGRE action. Those new bindings would appear on the webpage instead and nobody is confused anymore.

Btw: It would also be cool to have a discord channel and to announce periodic online code marathons on the homepage in form of blog posts.

Cheers, David

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This discussion may help, and it is one of the things I have on a list for the NGRE, which I plan to create posts for. This would add a number of things into the default scope, which are currently not accessible without a helper library.

WDYT about creating a summary Wiki post that we can update with links to everything proposed for OH3? They’re getting mixed in with 2.x stuff and I’m starting to lose track of all of them. :slight_smile:

The AC can always decide not to have a 2.5 but straight a 3.0 in like 8 months or so. I think it is more effort for the few maintainers and core developers that we have to have two branches sitting around in different repos.

But apart from that: Migrating the actions can also happen for OH 2.5, there are no breaking changes involved, I think. Removing OH1 stuff from the website is just to reduce confusion for newcomers. The stuff will still be there to be used.

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having all bindings moved to 2.x will probably invite many people to move to 2.x
On the forum, I still see people mentioning (even moderators etc) they are on 1.x

I think it would be a good thing to move as many people to 2.x before having a release of 3.0

As it would mean we need to support 3 versions.

(Except if there are other reasons not to go to 2.0 that I’m not aware of)

I think a small one/two day code marathon would be enough to migrate all old actions into a separate OH2 binding

If I compare addon’s with and without 1.x option checkbox on, I se a difference of about 40.
Some of them (like MQTT) have a 2.0 counterpart.

That would mean probably 30 bindings. sounds a lot to move in 2 days.

especially when I think about all the upgrade problems between 1.x and 2.x version for MQTT

I just want to migrate the actions, 'cause they are low hanging fruit. Kai somehow need to solve the persistence services (still OH1) if he want to push for OH3, so I’m not worried about them.

The bindings is another topic. Some OH1 users might not want to upgrade ever, so we don’t need to spend man hours in converting those OH1 bindings. A user survey on the homepage+forum might help to identify stale bindings.

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