OH1: I often wonder :-S nested groups in sitemaps, some items don't show

I have a sitemap with the entry:

    Group item=gHouse		label="The House"	icon="house"

.items has:

Group gHouse			(gAll)
Group gHouse_Kitchen		"Kitchen"		<kitchen>		(gHouse)
Switch Light_House_Kitchen_Ceiling	"Kitchen Ceiling Light"	(gHouse_Kitchen, gHouse_Lights)
String  Window_House_Kitchen			"Kitchen Window [MAP(en.map):%s]"	<contact>	(gHouse_Kitchen, gHouse_Windows, gHouse_Veranda)	{mqtt="<[mymosquitto:ArgyleCourt/House/Kitchen/Window:state:default]"}
String House_Kitchen_Fridge		"Fridge"		<poweroutlet-au>	(gHouse_Kitchen)
Rollershutter Shutter_House_Kitchen_Pantry	"Pantry Rollo [%d %%]"					(gHouse_Kitchen)

All items show when I select the kitchen on the sitemap, except Fridge.

I was under the belief that nested groups are all rolled up to whatever parent is entered in the sitemap.

What am I missing?
Any hints appreciated.

this was the culprit – the dash in the name! made the item not appear in the sitemap.