OH1 Missing FGRM-222 configuration parameter

Hi all,

I just realized that configuration parameter disappeared from Habmin. I´m using the latest z-wave binding (1.11.0).
In the past all config parameters were there. Please advise how to set these params.

PS: Just tried zensys-tools, but no idea how to use it for this.


Well habmin just shows and provides access to what the binding does.
For sure, while AFAIK still receiving maintenance updates every now and then, 1.11.0 certainly isn’t “latest” and not meant to keep being maintained for long.
For this and a number of other reasons, you should migrate to OH2, that’ll likely fix your problem, too, as there’s many people using these actuators without problems.

Thanks, I´ll migrate to OH2 by the end of this year, but currently I have to stay on OH1.
What a real weired thing is: config parameters were there before! I´m using 10 of FGRMs and just added 2 and realized that config params suddenly disappeared without any reasons.
If you click on the “Configuration parameters” nothing is shown. So I´m just wondering what happened, as these shutters were in the product database before.

There’s multiple FGRM versions in terms of firmware that are different w.r.t parameters.
When you deploy FGRMs with firmware versions that are not yet coded into the binding the result can be anything from wrong or missing parameters to even no output/access at all.
Each major change has to be correctly entered into Chris’ database and then needs to get forward-propagated into the binding. That happens on every snapshot update for latest OH2.3 but only rarely for old 1.X, and potentially there’ll be no more updates for 1.X at all because 1.X is no longer current and OH is not a commercial product with a guaranteed support lifetime for old versions. That’s why you should migrate asap.

Just to note that there have been no changes to any Fibaro devices for 6 months (September last year) in the OH1 binding, so there shouldn’t have been any changes…

This is exactly what I´m wondering about. Why they suddenly disappeared although nothing changed. Even for my existing installation!
Is there any other way to configure them?