OH1 to OH2 .items to DB understanding

So my goal is understanding how I would do some of the things I’d done before. So let’s say for example I do have a .items file for some Wave devices (MiOS binding based), and other items (virtual and such) that require declaration in an items file. I setup a few Groups in this .items file for these devices. I later add in a ZStick (once I’ve squared away my other issues) and pair a few ZWave devices and have them created through HABmin2.

So now, I want to add those new items from the ZStick to a Group that I declared in my original .items file. I’d also like to add in the declarations needed to register these new devices as HomeKit enabled devices.

HABmin loaded ZWave items are being stored in a DB for OH, instead of in a .items file like my legacy bound items. How would I be able to add those declarations that WOULD have gone in the .items file in the previous OH1, that are now in the DB for OH2? I haven’t seen anywhere to “manage” these items for things like group membership or as indicated for other declarations such as HomeKit relevant details to have the items appear in my HomeKit enabled app (aka Siri control).

Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

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You would do that in the Things area within HABMIN. You can edit the linked item and add it to groups and now can add Tags for homekit.

@tpmcleod24 thanks for the direction - it seems I was trying to edit the wrong thing, I believe I now see that functionality. How would I add the HomeKit specifications here? I don’t see any documentation on this other than the documentation for manually entering into .items files. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction for some detail on this?

You add the appropriate TAG to the item that you are editing through the thing channel. Go to things, select the thing, look at the channels, edit the attached item, and you should see a TAG box. This is where you would put the appropriate tag as per the binding requirements. Also, you need to make sure you have the latest version of HABMIN.

Hope this helps.


thanks @tpmcleod24 that does help - I didn’t realize it was in the channels. I saw them in the things/items lists, but didn’t realize where to edit.

For the HomeKit binding, are the indications in the instruction (adding [ “Lighting” ] etc, tags? If so, is there a specific type of formatting needed for this i.e. “Lighting” / Lighting / [ “Lighting” ]? I’ve linked the binding details for reference: HABmin Binding

I’m just not quite sure HOW to put this into HABmin …

Yeah, those are the tags, put them in the TAGS area. Jut type Lighting without any other characters and you will see an option open below that you click to add a custom tag. No brackets or parens needed.

I’m wondering about these tags that can be set in the channels.

What are tags used for?
Can I somehow reference these tags in the sitemap or rules for example?